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AP2130 - Fabric Advert, 1950s (30x40cm Art Print)

AP2130 - Fabric Advert, 1950s (30x40cm Art Print)

AP2130 - Fabric Advert, 1950s (30x40cm Art Print)

Art print on thick paper, image from our library of original vintage printed ephemera. The overall print size is 30x40cm (approximately 12x16 inches). There is a plain border of about 1cm around the image to allow for framing if required.

Repetititive patterns featured on fabrics in fashion, carpets, furniture, wallpaper and curtains throughout the 50s and 60s in the UK. The style became known as "contemporary" and shows the influence of abstract art on commercial designers. Much of this stylish design was a feature of the Festival Of Britain in 1951. A cultural reaction brought about by the destruction wrought on Britain during WWII, the new style rejected the fussiness of pre-war fabric and furnishing, to replace it with clean lines, bold pattern and angular shape.


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